Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why Princess?

So why did I call this blog Princess Scrap Girl? Well, for one thing several other names I tried where taken. But I found out last year from some dear friends that I was a Princess! WHAT?!?! They were so surprised that I didn't already know that I was a Princess. I really had no clue! I asked how can I be a Princess when I get my clothes from Target and Wal-Mart? I'm such a bargain girl and clearance shopper. Not a quality I thought you'd find in a Princess. So they said I the Practical Princess. Supposedly I'm a Princess because I get what I want. Ya know, I guess I really do! But is that such a bad thing? I sure don't think so. Since the night of this conversation with my friends, I have come to embrace the Princess inside me. Heck, why not! I always associated a Princess with "high maintenance" but that's really not so. I don't think you would ever say that Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and the rest were high maintenance. Now I feel as if I have a standard to live up to, you know being a Princess isn't easy! : )