Sunday, August 31, 2008

Canvas Scrap Page by Quick Quotes

I did a canvas this year from Quick Quotes but I don't have it completed yet so I'm going to share the one I did from last years CK convention. They are still doing one like this but with different papers. I STILL haven't put any pics on it!!! : O I am going to be teaching a canvas class at my LSS - A Memory to Scrap. I will be sharing that pic with you later. I need to get busy and take more pictures of my projects - I have quite a few to share.

I got so many good deals at the convention during my shopping extravaganza!! Here is a pack of paper that I got for just $1.50!! ALL the paper is shaped! Yeah, some of colors are kind of bright but I can ink them to tone them down. Heck for $1.50 even if I only use the white, brown and black papers it would be a deal!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Acrylic Album - My first ever!

This class was actually a beginner class which I didn't know that when I signed up. It was the ONLY acrylic album glass they offered. Which really surprised me. I haven't worked with any acrylic albums yet that is why I wanted to take the class. So although the class was VERY slow I got the chance to work with the product and now feel comfortable enough to do it on my own. I used much more paper in it then they showed in class because I thought theirs looked bare but they wanted to make sure everyone went home with a finished project. I am going to add ALOT more ribbon to the rings and probably thoughout the album but I'll do that when I put pics in it. I'm going to have to take the kids to a pumpkin patch so we can get some pics to put in this. It just screams fall to me. On the front cover we used a foam stamp with white acrylic paint and stamped it on the back side of the cover. The best tip I got from the class and would have never thought of this on my own was to work on your album from the back to the front. That way you can see what the page behind it looks like. The other good tip is to use double sided paper so you can see it from both sides. We adhered the paper down with Glue Dots and just used them on the patterned paper where they wouldn't show too much. Also you can put them towards the middle where it will be covered by a picture on the back side. Since I ended up putting more paper on it, I covered up most of the Glue Dots anyways.

You can see a few of the Glue Dots on the back 2 pages, so I will make sure a photo goes over those. The teacher said you could use the Vellum Glue Dots and it wouldn't show but I didn't try that plus I don't think that is a very cost effective way to go. The Vellum Glue Dots are more expensive and it would take alot - at least I would think so. If anyone know a good way to adhere to acrylic that doesn't show I'd love to know.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rusty Pickle - All Boy LO

I took this class from Rusty Pickle called "All Boy". I always try to take at least one class from Rusty Pickle because they have such cool instructors and great projects.

I haven't glued down the sayings yet in case I use this for a picture of both Kaitlyn and Austin. I also have not glued down the stars yet that way if I want to adhere them to the corner of the pictures, I can. No check out the "ribbon" we used. It's actually muslin fabric cut into strips. That was a fun trick/technique they told us. She said when you are at the fabric store, go to the clearance area and find cool material that is cheap and just cut it into strips. The strip of muslin on the right side is just weaved through holes that were already cut in the page. It looks like they might have used the Zutter Bind It All to make the holes.

This was a fun and very easy LO to make.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Creating Keepsake Convention - Woo Hoo!!

Oh my mind is still spinning from everything I saw, did and bought at the convention. I plan on sharing projects that I completed in the classes as I get them finished - didn't get them all finished in class. Oh and the $$$ I spent!!! YIKES! I really felt as if I needed to go into a program for over spenders! I could hardly say no to anything. There were several booths there though that had AWESOME deals! I took all my stash out and sorted it a little. Here are a few pics of my goodies.
This first one is mainly the stack of projects from all the classes I took. I think I took 10 or 11 classes.

Stack of clear stamps that I bought.
This is how much paper I bought! I know I'm crazy! But I did get quite a bit for only $.10 a piece! On top of the stack is some stencils which I used the circle one in a class. It was so cool. Can't wait to show you all what you can do with these.

Just some of the embellishments I got. Queen & Co. had a booth there and sold almost everything for $1 - so I couldn't resist!
Here are a few of the mini albums and chipboard albums I got. Do you see the cute little match boxes. I have no idea what I'm going to do with those yet but they were so cute and only a $1.
Not pictured is all the flowers I bought! Just another of my weaknesses! : O

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I know Easter is quite a ways away but I wanted to try flocking on this cute little chickie stamp I had. I just got the Doodlebug Design - Crushed Velvet Flock - Flock Assortment from scrap store that I teach at "A Memory to Scrap". The cool thing is, Ashley (the owner) said if we buy the assortment from her she will refill any of our bottles when needed for only $.50 each. Isn't that an awesome deal! I hope you can see the flocking on the close up picture.

Something really cool that Ashly told me was that you can use the Quickie Glue Pen to write or draw then cover with flock. So easy! I practiced by writing my name. How fun to make swirls or trace a fun template design then flock.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Masculine Birthday Card

Very simple masculine bday card using the SU set - I think it was a freebie from the Sale-a-bration. I made this because I was FINALLY finished my ribbon sorting project. I had this one small piece of striped ribbon. Didn't want to hang it up but didn't want to throw it away either. So I thought I'll just make a quick card. And it was pretty quick too. Which is really good for me!

Friday, August 15, 2008

New storage I found

I love going to Tuesday Morning and checking out any scrap stuff they have for a good deal. I went a couple of months ago and found these really cool small storage boxes. I didn't get them because they were $4.99 each and I just didn't know if I could use them. I went back yesterday and they were still there well if that's not fate - what is? hehe This time I knew exactly what I could use them for so I bought both of them. It even had a sticker on them that said they were acid free and ??? hmmm something else like biodegradable or something. Anyway, I LOVE them!!! I used them to put my 3x3 cards in, which I have quite a few from swaps I have done on CafeMom.

The other one I used to put all my little StudioG stamps in, you know the $1 stamps from Michael's and Joann's. Yeah, I know, I have a bunch! If they are still in the package it means I haven't even used them yet. : ( I will eventually, oh and I got a few extra so that I can give them away as blog candy at some point. Yeah, you read that right BLOG CANDY!! I have sooooo much stuff and I really enjoy sharing the wealth that I will do blog candy probably, quite frenquently. Like I said ..... I will buy, bride whatever you want to call, to get blog friends!! muahahahahaha I plan on doing my first blog candy at 1,000 hits. Not too far from now. So tell your friends to come check me out and it will come faster! : )

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Another LO I did on my scrap retreat. Austin dressed up like a cowboy for Land Run day at school. We are so not cowboy/country people but he looked awful cute dressed up like one. These boots were given to us by a very good friend of mine once her son grew out of them. Otherwise, we would never have had boots for him to wear. I cut the YeeHaw out using a Cricut cartridge but I don't remember the name
of it. The wanted poster and logs on the opposite page were a die cut that I inked and backed with some dark paper so the notches and words would stand out. This is another LO that I actually wrote a little on also. Yeah me!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bling Bling!!

This was from May of 2007 but I just scrapped it this past weekend. I used the Home Accents Cricut cartridge for the swirls. I love swirls and bling!! I went over all the swirls with the Gelly Roll Stardust pen. Love that too! I also used a new border punch that I got at Wal-Mart from their new Martha Stewart line. Instead of flowers at the end of the performance I gave her an Angelina ballerina. That's my sister in the bottom pic with Kaitlyn.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lights behind the stamped image? New technique? hmmmm...

Here is a card I made this weekend with some stamps I just got from SU. These were retiring and I really wanted them because I thought they were so cute. And yeah, I added bling to the mushroom and the tip of the crown! : ) I just love bling! I took a pic to show that I added pop dots behind the stamped images. Also to show the grass. This is the first time I've made grass like this and I think it looks pretty good. While I was trying to get this picture up close one of them looks as if there are lights behind the stamped image. Sorry - it's not a new technique. But hey, I wouldn't be surprised if someone ends up doing something like it. It was just the light overhead shining off the white pop dots. Looks kinda of cool though.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An award? For me? Awwww shucks!

I don't know what to say. I mean I didn't prepare a speech or anything! hehe

I was awarded this award from Nicole. She is a new blog and CafeMom friend. She's also loves Bella and has many great cards with her on them. She's been very encouraging to me and leave me great comments - gotta love her for that!! Go check out her blog and the fun things she's created.

Here are the rules for this award:

1. Post the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 7 other worthy bloggers.
4. Add links to their blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

I'm awarding this to:

Melissa & David - These are some very dear friends of mine who are blogging about their journey with their son Elijah who has many medical problems. They probably don't care about this award so much but they deserve an award for being such awesome parents!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The funny thing you said . . .

I really like how this LO turned out. I used my drywall tape again. : ) I love the story behind these pictures. This was a time that I actually stopped and wrote down exactly what was said so I could scrap and journal it correctly. I enlarged the journal tag so you could read the story also. And to give myself a little pat on the back for WRITING it down. Oh I so don't like to write on my pages but I know that the kids will appreciate it later. So every now and again I'll write a litte bit. Well, that and I wanted to use this cute little journal card.

Oh yeah, as a side note - I did specify that this was his "back up" blankey. This is one he uses when we can't find his regular blankey. : }

The other thing I did on this LO that I wanted to point out was that I used an exacto knife and cut around the design so it would go on top of the picture. I cut around the circle with the star at top and the 3, 1 and 2 at the bottom. That way you use the paper as an embellishment.

Weekend Events

I had a fabulous weekend at the Scrappin Pad! I hope to go there again. It was really nice. I do have many LO's to share but I haven't taken any pictures yet. In fact, my bags are still in the garage. One thing that happened while I was gone is the start of our pool. I'm excited to get it started but I really did want to watch them dig. : ( I did tell my husband to take some pictures because you know I'm going to have to scrap the whole event.
I'm am sooooo excited about this pool. I LOVE being in the water and in the summer sun. This is really a dream come true for me. : )