Sunday, August 31, 2008

Canvas Scrap Page by Quick Quotes

I did a canvas this year from Quick Quotes but I don't have it completed yet so I'm going to share the one I did from last years CK convention. They are still doing one like this but with different papers. I STILL haven't put any pics on it!!! : O I am going to be teaching a canvas class at my LSS - A Memory to Scrap. I will be sharing that pic with you later. I need to get busy and take more pictures of my projects - I have quite a few to share.

I got so many good deals at the convention during my shopping extravaganza!! Here is a pack of paper that I got for just $1.50!! ALL the paper is shaped! Yeah, some of colors are kind of bright but I can ink them to tone them down. Heck for $1.50 even if I only use the white, brown and black papers it would be a deal!

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