Thursday, August 28, 2008

Acrylic Album - My first ever!

This class was actually a beginner class which I didn't know that when I signed up. It was the ONLY acrylic album glass they offered. Which really surprised me. I haven't worked with any acrylic albums yet that is why I wanted to take the class. So although the class was VERY slow I got the chance to work with the product and now feel comfortable enough to do it on my own. I used much more paper in it then they showed in class because I thought theirs looked bare but they wanted to make sure everyone went home with a finished project. I am going to add ALOT more ribbon to the rings and probably thoughout the album but I'll do that when I put pics in it. I'm going to have to take the kids to a pumpkin patch so we can get some pics to put in this. It just screams fall to me. On the front cover we used a foam stamp with white acrylic paint and stamped it on the back side of the cover. The best tip I got from the class and would have never thought of this on my own was to work on your album from the back to the front. That way you can see what the page behind it looks like. The other good tip is to use double sided paper so you can see it from both sides. We adhered the paper down with Glue Dots and just used them on the patterned paper where they wouldn't show too much. Also you can put them towards the middle where it will be covered by a picture on the back side. Since I ended up putting more paper on it, I covered up most of the Glue Dots anyways.

You can see a few of the Glue Dots on the back 2 pages, so I will make sure a photo goes over those. The teacher said you could use the Vellum Glue Dots and it wouldn't show but I didn't try that plus I don't think that is a very cost effective way to go. The Vellum Glue Dots are more expensive and it would take alot - at least I would think so. If anyone know a good way to adhere to acrylic that doesn't show I'd love to know.


Jennifer Bovee said...

Diane...I love the album...looks like it was a lot of fun to make...someday i want to try one:)

Carmen said...

Hi Di! Great album. I love acrylic. I would just hide the dot by adding a rub-on or something like that to hide it. You did a great job!

Amanda said...

OMG this is SO cute!! I love it!! :)