Friday, August 15, 2008

New storage I found

I love going to Tuesday Morning and checking out any scrap stuff they have for a good deal. I went a couple of months ago and found these really cool small storage boxes. I didn't get them because they were $4.99 each and I just didn't know if I could use them. I went back yesterday and they were still there well if that's not fate - what is? hehe This time I knew exactly what I could use them for so I bought both of them. It even had a sticker on them that said they were acid free and ??? hmmm something else like biodegradable or something. Anyway, I LOVE them!!! I used them to put my 3x3 cards in, which I have quite a few from swaps I have done on CafeMom.

The other one I used to put all my little StudioG stamps in, you know the $1 stamps from Michael's and Joann's. Yeah, I know, I have a bunch! If they are still in the package it means I haven't even used them yet. : ( I will eventually, oh and I got a few extra so that I can give them away as blog candy at some point. Yeah, you read that right BLOG CANDY!! I have sooooo much stuff and I really enjoy sharing the wealth that I will do blog candy probably, quite frenquently. Like I said ..... I will buy, bride whatever you want to call, to get blog friends!! muahahahahaha I plan on doing my first blog candy at 1,000 hits. Not too far from now. So tell your friends to come check me out and it will come faster! : )

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