Monday, September 29, 2008

BLOG CANDY - up for grabs!!

I've been off for a while and see that I have now had over a 1,000 visitors. Yipee! I said that once I reached 1,000 I would give away blog candy. So here it is:

There are rubber stamps, ink pad, buttons, clear stamps, stickers, rub ons, book plates, card template and more.
Your name will be entered in the drawing for each of these you do. So that's 3 chances to win.
1 - leave a comment on any of my posts (if you don't have a blog just leave your name)
2 - subscribe to my blog
3 - post this on your blog with a link to the candy

I will draw a name this coming weekend. Good luck!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Canada - Eh?

Eric and I went to Vancouver, BC this past weekend. I had no idea what a big city Vancouver was. I thought I was a city girl until I saw this big city!! I've never been to NYC but I would image this would be similiar. So many people and from so many different ethnic backgrounds. It's a true melting pot there. I heard at least 5 different languages just walking around. They had a Sears there that is NOTHING like the Sears we have here. It was so upscale and it was in the heart of downtown. It had at least 4 stories! It was beautiful weather the whole time. No rain, only sunny and warm. I think they broke some records that weekend.
We went to Whistler Mountain which is the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. All around you saw the inukshuk (rocks pictured below)which it the emblem of the 2010 Olympics.

We also went to Grouse Mountain, which the call the Peak of Vancouver. They have 2 bear cubs they are raising to release back in the wild once they are grown. The deer that are in the picture was just out in the open. It was a mommy and her baby. I got with a few feet of them and they didn't run off.


The last night there we had dinner with the other people in the company that won that trip too. We took a ferry to the resturant. They served drinks and horderves and they took the long way. Very senic.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Something old but still one of my favorites.

My camera is on the fritz so I haven't been able to take pics of any of the other projects from the CK convention, so here is an old LO to share with you all. I probably scrapped this about 3 years ago. One thing that I think is so fun and I'm quite proud of, is the cards and gift cards that I miniaturized. I took the card that Eric gave me and the two from my kids (which Eric bought also) and reduced, reduced, reduced them. I did the front and the inside of the cards then taped them together on the back. Yes, this was a tedious process but the end result was worth it. Eric wrote a cute note from each of the kids on the inside of their cards.

I loved all the gift certificates that Eric gave me from him and the kids so I reduced them down also. Arent' they just so cute?!
I had these tiny little vellum envelopes that I attached to the page and then placed these in them.
This will be my last blog until next week. We are leaving early Thursday morning to go to Vancouver! Eric won the trip with his company. I love to travel and when it's free, it's even better! The only negative about this trip and it's not really a big one but I just can't stop thinking about it is -- we fly out on 9/11!! Eeeek! I know nothing is going to happen but if I could have choosen a different date to fly, I certainl would have. It's going to be a great trip though!! My kids will be here with my sister who is coming up from Moore, OK to watch them for us. She's the best! I can always count on her to help us out. I'll catch up with you all next week.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stamp Happy

Here are three cards that I made in a class called "Stamp Happy" by Paper Crafts magazine at the CK convention. The first once was teaching how to add glitter to a stamp. I also added a little glue onto the brads and dipped them in the glitter also.

This next one was a pretty cool idea that I had never tried or seen before. We took the stamp and used Versamark (or you could use a glue stamp pad) and stamped the paper. This is all one stamp by the way. Then took a cotton ball and rubbed it in the green chalk and pounced the color on the swirl. Then took another cotton ball with pink and pounced it on the rest of the stamp. You want to make sure you pounced and not drag it across or the glue will drag too and smear it. I really like how soft and pretty that came out. I'm sure I'll use that technique again.

This last techniques was using bleach to stamp the image. First we used a brayer to color the background. I'll admit, I've never brayered (is that a word??) before. Yeah, I know it's very old school but you have to remember I started stamping with acrylic stamps, so I'm working my way backwards. Anyway, after that we used Versamark to stamp the writing on it then put the butterfly stamp in the paper towel that had been soaked with bleach and made our stamps. It's a very cool look but I KNOW I'd have bleach spots all over my clothes and the carpet if I tried this at home. I'm just a messy, sloppy scrapper. Also the one butterfly that is under the sentiment was completely white. I didn't like it so that's why I covered it up. Then when I got home I found this ribbon that matched perfectly. It was a fun class and I may just have to go buy myself a brayer! : )