Saturday, January 2, 2010

SSDS - Use a Picture Challenge (Twilight)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a fun New Years! It's still almost hard to believe that it's 2010!!! I remember when it turned 1999 and thinking WOW it's 1999 just like in Prince's song! Then we had the 2000 computer scare and everyone thought the whole computer world would shut down because of the date. Now it's 2010!

I don't usually make new year's resolutions but this year I did. I have resloved to declutter my ENTIRE house. I mean everything!!! In every room, closet, cabinet, drawer and even in the attic and the garage. My closet, master bath, Austin's room, kitchen cabinets and pantry are all done. I've already taken several boxes to the Good Will store and thrown out several bags of junk and trash. The other thing I'm doing is making my own planner and trying to keep a daily schedule in hopes of staying more organized and use my time wisely and effeciently. We'll see how that goes. Ok sooooooo now how does this all relate to Scrap, Stamp and Doodle Saturday challenge? Oh it does because for this week's challenge you are to use a photograph on a card. Well, I fudged a little and used a couple of photos on the cover of my planner instead of a card. ; )
Since this picture was taken I have added more to the front cover and have finished the back cover and both inside covers. I have pictures but on my other computer which I am having trouble with once again. Getting blue screen with message on it, twice tonight. : O So once I have it up and running again I'll post the updated pics and hopefully finish the project soon.

Check out SSDS for the this weeks challenge and see what our other DT's did for the challenge. This weeks sponsor is Phindy's Place Etsy shop. She has some adorable digital images.


Micki said...

OMG, OMG...... you could SELL these, lol. I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!! I can't wait to see the finished pics! PS: Hubby has to go to Tulsa Monday for a week to help do a store re-set.... I almost was going to take a couple of days to come with him, but since this was kinda last minute can't make it. :-(.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

hugs and love

Teri said...

This is excellent! Love the idea of a planner - I have my monthly calender pinned to the wall, messy eh?
Love the idea of a de-clutter too - kids wouldn't enjoy it though, as most of the trash in this house is theirs anyway!! LOL (apart from my stash that is!)
Have a great weekend hun!
Teri xx

Rene said...

Fabulous Diane! I really love the idea of a making your own planner and what better way to decorate it!!!! Love it! Can't wait to see more pics!
Scrappy Love,

ERICA said...

I love, LOVE, love it! I was thinking of making a "Twilight" album. I tried to print some pictures from the internet, but my printer doesn't do a very good job. Then, I thought about sending them to Snapfish, but they'd probably require some form of copyright release. ANYWAY, I'll figure out something. I've GOT to... especially with my new Twilight stamps!

stitchy said...

Diane, girl, OMG that is freakin awesome..I finally got to see New Moon, I was dreaming for a week lmao...that is just fantastic, more more I say, I want to see more...
stitch xx