Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am soooooooo excited about my new scrap space. As you can see from these before pics that my area was a complete mess. Stuff just piled everywhere. I'm really a very organized person so this was very hard for me to look at for so long. But FINALLY---new shelves and a peg board and it's all up and off my work area.

Drum roll please . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AND HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the half wall that I used to hang these little shelves with containers. All the containers hanging from the shelves hold my buttons. The 3 containers on the top right hand shelf hold all my brads.
Yes, I looooooooves flowers! That and ribbon are something I just have a really hard time passing up.

I'm loving the peg board so much! I have all my tools right at my fingertips but not in my way. I can see all my punches too.

In the plastic drawers at the bottom, I have all my wooden stamps, embellishments by theme/holidays, eyelets, fibers and other embellishments.
I hope you enjoyed looking at my new room. And yes, you are welcome to come play anytime. I love to share my things! : )


kitten91303 said...

LOVE IT! The shelves are so handy!!! When I get to take over the entire room I'm taking your pegboard idea!

The wallflower said...

Very nice! lucky girl!

Beate said...

If only you didn't live so far away :) I'm so happy for you. Your 'messy' room looks like my 'clean' room.

Deanna said...

Very cool! Inspiring, too! I really need to get my office/scraproom cleaned up. Have fun creating!

ThoughtfulMom said...

Now, how are we going to transport that to the lake?

I love it! It's a beautiful display of organizational skill. :)

Emily said...

OMG!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Would it be possible for you to post what storage items you have in your room in a list? Hope that sounds right. I have been looking for more ideas.... and maybe where you got it??

Jennifer Bovee said...

that is AWESOME!!!! need i say more?

Adele said...

Oh Diane-I am so, so jealous! We extended our house last year and I grabbed the spare room-bit by bit it is beginning to take shap but I have such a long way to go still. IF I ever get a fraction of the organisation that you have I will be one very happy crafter! LOL.


love Dingle.xx

Kelli said...

Wow! Diane, this is awesome! It is beautiful and now I realize that I really need to figure my space out! Yours looks so functional! Way to go!