Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shabby Chic

I've done a little experimenting with the "shabby chic" look or at least trying it. I really like the look but it's just not me. Maybe it just doesn't come easy to me.
I bought these paper heart doilies at the dollar spot at Target. I thought I could use them to make Valentine's for my kids class. Yeah, that didn't happen. Still wanted to try and use them so this was just playing around with them. Oh and another reason I wanted to try the shabby thing was the book pages. My daughter tore a bunch of pages out of an old book I had as decoration. It was probably worth something, first edition but I don't even want to know!
This is a bookmark I made for a vintage bookmark swap. Not 100% sure I like it or not. You know how some things you just love how they turned out and some not so sure of. Well that is how it is with this style for me. But I was trying to stretch my creativy and try something new.


Rosie said...

I'm not real sure about that whole Shabby Chic thing myself! I did a couple of pages in my mini wedding album that are kind of like that, but only because I had inchies from a swap that were that style! And I am giving it to my grandmother, she has no pictures from my wedding unless one of my uncles recorded it or took pictures for her!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh diane..i LOVE it!!
i totally love shabby chic design on paper crafts! and you did it beautifully too!!! awesome job..kristi :o)

Teresa Knox aka Laxmom111 said...

I think you did an awesome job with the "shabby Chic". Love your blog.

lesleyworth said...

I think you are doing a dang great job with the "shabby chic" thing!

ERICA said...

It's not my style either, but I love it. I would be proud of it.