Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scrappy Boy!

I have been wanting to make a mini album with toilet paper rolls. So I have been collecting a few empty tp rolls. Austin kept seeing them laying around and asking what I was keeping them for. He wanted one to play with and this is what he made. He had the idea to put the yellow on the bottom so the tag wouldn't fall out and also to punch a hole and put ribbon (he said string but of course I had ribbon) in the hole. I helped him cut the tag out but that is about it. He wrote "Army Army Army Austin!" on the tag. I asked him why he put Army on the tag and he said because he is Army Austin. I'm so proud of my scrappy boy!


Tracey said... cute! army austin!!! i love it when my girls scrap with me too!

Chrissy's Creations said...

Too cute! He did a great job.

Kelly said...

He is adorable! :) What a great idea with the tp rolls. I have lots of them saved for PreK art projects...who knew they made cute albums as well!!! Thanks for stopping by the blog. To answer your question about the Dream Street papers... I believe Ashley is carrying them. Last I spoke to her she said her order was on the way. :) Hope you are doing well and enjoying the nice weather today! TTYL! Kelly

Fabienne et Franck said...

Hello Diane! Very beautiful blog! I have a scrappy boy, me too, and yours is very cute! See you soon on SimplySCrapping!

ERICA said...

My daughter scraps with me all the time. Although she isn't, by any means, a seasoned scrapper... she tries very hard and takes pride in her work. Isn't it fun to scrap with the kids?