Monday, April 27, 2009

Finished - Thanks ladies!

Does anyone else want to participate on this? I thought this was a fun idea and thought others would too. Oh well. I'll give this another week and see what happens. Hey can someone please tell me how you leave a post on top, even with new posts? I'm sure it's something easy but I haven't figured it out.
Blog Candy RAK
This is a RAK that I found on kristi's blog. The first 5 people to respond to this post will get something made by me! Could be a card, an altered object or something else altogether!Now for the RULES:1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make but I hope you will!2. What I create will be made with you in mind, I will look to your blog to find out more about you! I'll take hints if you want to leave them. ; )3. I will create your item as my schedule a timely manner but not only sign up if you are willing to wait a bit. : o)4. There is a catch - you must offer this same blog candy on your blog! Let me know you're in, email me your address to, then re-post this on your blog (you can change the wording) and offer something you make - your choice - to the first 5 people who respond to your post. Add my name to the #1 slot on your list - I am your first participant. When you create your giveaway, you will become the first participant on the lists for the people who participate with you. Got it? :-)
Kristi @ Our Scrapbook Memories


Chrissy's Creations said...

To leave it on top ... when you edit this (or make news post) just click on the "post options" under the post and change the date ... Ta Da. Yes very easy and I had to be shown by my 12 year old. lol

Tracey said...

oh geez.....u twistd my arm! i will post this on my blog tomorrow...but count me in! thanks diane!!! i am sure i will LOVE whatever u send me!

ERICA said...

Count me in, but give me a day or so to get this up on my blog... I'm super busy. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Count me in too please! I'll email you right now!

I'll go post it on my blog right now!