Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Messy Scrap Room

Over on Cafemom in the scrap group that I help admin. we are doing an organizing challenge for our scrap spaces. Whether it be a room, closet, corner or just totes. To start we were to take pics of our area "as is" and post them. I went one better and video taped it. I actually did it using my camera. This is my very 1st video that I have posted on YouTube and of all things it's my messy scrap room! Oh well! A Memory to Scrap is having a garage sale on May 16th and I have bought a table to sell all the stuff I'm ready to get rid of. So far, I've gone through all my 12x12 paper and this is what I weeded out to sell. Crazy isn't it! But this is several years of collecting this paper.

So during my reorganizing of the paper I came up with an idea for organizing my scrap paper that I want to use for cards. Soooooo I made another video. I used the Small Wonder RCA video camera that we have and was able to shoot this one to show my idea. You know this is kind of fun. A lot of work, but fun. I'm thinking about maybe doing tutorial or project videos. Hmmmmm..... I'll be thinking over that one. I know I love watching scrap videos and there are a TON out there so I'm not sure if I have anything new to offer so we'll see. Anywho, I hope this organizing tip helps out. If you do have any organzing questions please feel free to ask me. I really enjoy organizing and also enjoy helping others. I mean I enjoy organzing so much that I WILL go and actually help you organize if you are close enough. I've helped friends and family organize closets, pantries and rooms.

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Theresa said...

Enjoyed your organizing videos Diane - thanks for taking the time to put those together and share your tips!