Monday, May 4, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

A couple of weeks ago we had teacher appreciation day and I'm the homeroom mom for the special ed class that has one teacher and an aid. Here are the snack baskets that I put together for them from the class. I had fun putting these together because I got to use my new Scor Pal. The little box with the truffles I made and HERE is the pattern I used for it. I had a little trouble with the cellophane but just ended up wrapping it like a present and taped the sides. I was in a hurry and didn't get a chance to look around for much for the cellophane. I just bought a roll of it at Target in the gift wrap section. I barely used any of it for these. Now I'm going to have to find some more projects to use this stuff for because I have a lot of it.

Below is a water bottle with Crystal Light packets. I put a whole box of the mixes in this pouch and HERE is the template I used. The only thing is that this template uses a scalloped card from SU for the front and I didn't have any of those. I ended up just making the front on my own. I used my Friskars punch to cut the scallops and then folded it down then just copied the measurements from the other piece to make it work. After I made these I found another tutorial to make these and this one is a little simpler and holds just one packet very nicely. HERE is the link for that one.
I also included 3 packages of microwave popcorn. There isn't a template for this. I just stacked the popcorn up and folded the paper around it. I did attach the popcorn together with repostionable tape so the stack wouldn't fall over. Once I figured out where the folds would be I used my new favorite tool the Scor Pal to make the creased. I also used a coordinating band of paper around the middle about 2" wide then wrapped it with tulle and then tied a small piece of ribbon in the middle of it to give it just a little more color.

This last box holds 2 boxes of gum. You could put all sorts of stuff in this. HERE is the template for this box. I really hope to get to do more of the stuff. It was fun. Maybe this will inspire you to go and make something for someone you'd like to show your appreciation.


Larry Weaver said...

Those are really great snack baskets. Here's another free gift for teachers. In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, Funny Employee Awards is giving away a FREE Teacher of the Year Award certificate template. You can type directly onto the certificate template before printing. Within seconds you'll have a unique award that will bring smiles to your favorite teacher! Download at Funny Employee Awards

Fabienne et Franck said...

Blog candy Us are not for me....sniff sniff! If I win, you could cry, shipping costs for France are very expensive! lol

Fink said...

What great gifts for the teachers! I love everything you did!