Monday, May 25, 2009

SU Tag Punch Idea

One of my favorite blogs is Melz Stamps. She is so ultra talented and comes up with the most incredible ideas. She puts so much detail in each project she does. This is just one little quick tip that she had for using your SU tag punch.
Isn't that brillant?! I love the idea and will definitely be trying this sometime. Be sure to check around her blog for all the templates, techniques and ideas that she has. You could spend hours just browsing the wealth of information that she has on her blog.

I hope to post another great idea in the next day or two. It's one of the those ideas that you think "Do I really want to share this with the world or keep it my own little secret?" But I do want to share it with my readers which I know are few but I do appreciate those of you who do come to see what I've been up to so I will pass on this golden nugget to you. Hmmmm....are you curious yet? : ) Have a wonder Memorial Day!


Beate said...

I'm a reeeeader! I love Melzstamps blog too.

scrappingmommy2 said...

love your blog. I'll be following. I just requested membership at letsscrapdivas. I can't wait to join. I never heard of it until I entered a contest and had to set up a blog. I'm so happy I did.
Contest ends tomorrow so if you would like to vote for my card you can at CLICK HERE I'd have to say you must see the products they have. Too cool. I'm trying to win the EZ View Desk. Check it out :-)
CLICK HERE thanks and c u soon at the site.