Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Little Secret is Out

I said I was going to share a secret with you and I guess it's about time. But before I do I wanted to let my Blog RAK ladies know that their goodies were sent out on Monday. Ok, now for my little secret. Well it's not really a secret it's just a little something I found out and I'm probably not the only one who know this but I'd like to think it was all my idea. ; ) Have you ever bought digital stamped images? I haven't but they are a lot less expensive than the stamp. With a few draw backs you can't just stamp anywhere you want, you'd have to print the image out and I guess then you could cut it out and put it where you want. So what about free images? Oh yes there are FREE images out there to be found, printed and colored for a beautiful stamped card. Here is one I found:
Are you sitting there saying "WHAT??!!! Isn't that a Sara Kay stamp?" Yes it is Sara Kay but it actually a coloring page I found online for free. I just reduced the size and printed it on the cardstock I usually use for my stamped images. It is colored with Copics and I didn't have any problems with the ink bleeding. So you want to know where to get these cool images? Ohhhh I bet you do!! Guess what else I found? How about some Strawberry Shortcake images, Holly Hobbie, Hello Kitty, Bratz, Barbie, Groovy Girls and just about any Disney character from any of their movies and so much more. Here are some of the coloring page sites that I found that have some great pages.

Funny Coloring - Dora, Sesame Street, Bob the Builder, Nemo, Paddington Bear, Teletubbies, Spongebob, holiday pages, Bible pages, animals and much more
The Coloring Book - This one has Sara Kay pages, Groovy Girls, Littlest Pet Shop, Minnie Mouse, Stanley, Backyardigans, and TONS more
Kids-n-Fun - Bambi, Bratz, Barbie Pippi Longstocking, Cars, just way too many to list.
The Coloring Spot

You can also check out clipart. Of course, you need to make sure these are royalty free and all that good stuff. Sorry, I don't know all the rules of uses images.
Clipart ETC

I mentioned one of my favorit bloggers the other day Mel Stampz well she posted something about this about a week or so ago. So HERE is her post about some freebies she found and also some free images she has on her blog.

There I did it! I shared my secret. I may never have to buy another stamp again!! Yeah, right!! I hope you like this info and find it as awesome as I do. Also feel free to share this information with all your fellow stampers and I would love a link back here to this post. You know, so they too can show me some love. : )


Beate said...

Oh D, i love that image! Thanks for sharing!

ERICA said...

Oh my gosh... what a wonderful idea! That little girl is SO cute... again, you did a great job!