Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blog Award

I recently received a blog award and I haven't had one of these in a long time. So thank you Erica. We are friends from CafeMom orginally but now follow each other's blog. She's an Angel! No really she is! She's a demonstrator with The Angel Stamp Company. They have some really cool stamps. Go check out her blog and see!

This blog award helps us all to get to know more about each other. OK I'm going to be a total loser and not pass this on. I know beat me with a wet noodle!! I've already checked and several of my blog friends already have it and then the other blogs I follow don't even know who I am and are way to busy to accept these awards. Mainly because everyone gives them one. Oh, it must be sad to be them. ; ) Anywho, thanks Erica for passing this on and here are my 7 things about me.

1. I'm a Diet Coke addict but I'm trying to break the habit as of a couple of days ago. This is going to be hard!

2. Well, I don't like doing these things because I can't think of fun and interesting things about myself.

3. If you can't tell from my blog I'm IN LOVE with the Twilight series and especially Edward. I'm reading Twilight now for the second time but the big thing is I don't like to read!!

4. I love t.v. and watch way too many shows.

5. I am officially living in my dream house. I hope to live here the rest of my life. We have a large home on a large lot. I have my own scrap room yipeeee!! Then last fall we had a pool and hot tub put in. I am LOVING it oh yeah the kids are loving it too. ; )

6. I don't have any tattoos but I've thought about getting one. I always heard the thing when you are young "oh you don't want a tattoo when you are old and saggy it will look bad". Well heck, now I am old and saggy so it couldn't look that bad! My husband says "NO WAY!" though. But I'm just rebellious enough to do it anyways.

7. I have broken my nose, my arm twice and 3 fingers. My nose was when I was little maybe 5 or 6. My arms and fingers were from 6th to 11th grade.

Good there is 7, now I can quit. hehe

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