Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fun $1 Stamps

I went to Joann's the other day, hadn't been there in awhile. Found these cute $1 clear stamps. I have bought many of $1 stamps from Micheal's but what I really like about these is that they also had sayings on them. They are perfect for cards. I'm hoping to get to try them out pretty soon. The first one with the cars says "When you are in a jam . . . It's nice to have a friend." isn't that cute. The fish says "Just dropping a line", the iguana (?) maybe lizard says "Age is only a number. . . mine is UNLISTED". I think the snail says "Better late than never . . Happy Belated Birthday".


Anonymous said...

I just git some to and I am going to offe some for a blog candy. So keep checking my blog for a chance to get more.

Jennifer Bovee said...

hey diane! thanks for checking out my blog! i love the stamps you just bought...im definetly gonna have to get me some :) have a great day

chelemom said...

Kimmy let us use them on Friday! They are so dang cute!! Will have to get to Joanne's!