Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ribbon Storage

I am an avid ribbon collector. Once I got into using ribbon on my scrap pages, I became obsessed with buying ribbon. Which is pretty much what I do with any new thing I get interested in. : } Right now I'm into stamps/markers/inks for card making and yes I'm buying stuff for that. Ok enough of my obession, let's get back to the ribbon storage issue. I have found that as I continue to get more ribbon the storage I have no long works. Here is what I had for quite a while.

This worked fine until I got even more ribbon. This is what all my ribbon looks like now. It's in too many different places and I have to look through each spot when I'm looking for ribbon. I'm not using the above pictured storage anymore.

Now for my new solution and I sure hope this one will be the last! I found the Ribbon Ring. I saw it advertised in one of the scrap magazines and I think I saw it someone's blog one time too. Sorry I don't remember whose or I'd give them credit for helping me find this. I ordered 2 starter sets.

I started working on this last night. This is going to take a while and I'm sure I'll need to order more sets. So far though I think I'm going to like it. Once I have the 2 sets completed, I will post pictures. Wish me luck!


Jennifer Bovee said...

oh diane...i am envious of your ribbon collection! i love ribbon too, but it's one of those things i don't buy unless its a really great deal. Right now I have mine in four diff containers, but I can see it all pretty easily. I hope this new organization works out for you :) It seems like its something that is never ending!

Kitchen Sink Stamps said...

what a cool way to organize ribbon .... you have some great ribbon! :D

Jacey's Mom said...

I'm glad to see someone else is addicted to ribbon as badly as I am. I can't pass up a Michael's $1bin.
Take care,

Alex said...

This looks great Diane, I didn't think anyone in the world had moreribbon than me, but you got me beat! I bought a pull-eze but think I wound the ribbon too tightly and it does get stuck.

Anonymous said...

This is a great thing! I may have to get me one. Thanks for enabling!