Saturday, June 7, 2008

Water Slide Fun!

I made a card last night that I was going to post but I need to tweak something first soooooo I'm going to post a couple of pics of Kaitlyn and Austin. I bought them a water slide from and picked it up at the store but they aren't even selling it online anymore. I think this was an awesome investment! The kids love it and it can get to hot here in the summer that you can't play outside unless water is involved. We've already had some neighbor kids over to play also. I can sit in the wading area and keep cool also.


Anonymous said...

I saw one of these at Target and want soooo badly to get one. Matbe I will?!
The kids look as though they are really enjoying it!

chelemom said...

ooooohhh what fun!!!

Deborah said...

Welcome to blogland Diane! This water slide looks really cool! I looked through your projects and you are a rockin' princess for sure! Stop by for a visit soon, I have some goodies up for grabs right now with a fun challenge! Deb