Friday, July 4, 2008

Ribbon and Rainbow

I have still been working on transferring all my ribbon to my new Ribbon Ring system. I knew I had a lot of ribbon but this has really put a perspective on it. I started out buying 2 starter sets which had 30 ribbon holders in each. On each tab you can hold usually 2 different ribbons, I have squeezed 3 on some. I ran out of t he holders fast, so then I ordered another 90 holders. Guess what those are used up and now I just ordered another 90! I know it's crazy! I really do like this system and I can say this will be the LAST ribbon system I will use. All my ribbon will be in one area and I can take it with me if I want. I have been taking the rings and just laying them down and tossing them around in the process of sorting everything out. What I really like is that the ribbon stay in the holder. They don't slip out at all. Here's what I have done so far and really I don't have that much more to do. I still have to go back and sort colors out a little better but you can tell I've started on some of the rings.

Okay, so the title is ribbon and rainbow. Well the ribbon does kind of look like a rainbow but how about a picture of a real rainbow. Yesterday, early morning my kids were outside playing. Austin runs in and says "Mom, there's a rainbow!" So I follow him out and sure enough there was. I got my camera and took a couple of pictures.

Hope everyone has a fun 4th of July!

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Robyn said...

Wow!! That's a lot of ribbon!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I live in Edmond, OK, so we might be neighbors!!!