Friday, July 18, 2008

Waxed Paper

Do you use waxed paper in your kitchen? I do but oh so rare. First of all, I always called it wax paper, but I saw on the side of the carton it is waxed paper. I just ran out of my waxed paper and just had to show you the dispenser. I actually got this from my mom's house several years ago and it's obvious she's had it for well many, many, many years. The picture just cracked me up.

Where to start, her hair, the microwave, or the dress. There is an ad for Free Silkies(hose) on the back.

I looked all over the box to find a date when it was manufactured. All I found was on the Silkies ad on the back. 1987!!!!! I knew it was old.

I checked the internet and they do still sell Silkies and you can still get a free pair.
I hope to actually do some scrapping/stamping this weekend so I can post about that! Have a great weekend everyone.


kitten91303 said...

OMG Diane! That is just so crazy!!! Its amazing how retro that packaging look now!

Carmen said...

I think this is so funny!!!! I bet my mom has stuff that is this old. LOL