Sunday, July 20, 2008

Surprise Pop Up Card

This is a card I did for a challenge in my CafeMom scrap group. It was quite the challenge for me because I messed up the assembly and had to fix that. Then my paper tore as I was glueing it. Oh there were ALOT of mess ups on this card. I THINK I covered most of them up by other paper. I'm actually going to give this to my neice who's birthday was last week. I know she will not appreciate the time and effort this took to make a card. It's not a favorite of mine because I screwed up so much but hey I can say I did it!

The sentiment says "Better late than never . . . . . . Happy Belated Birthday!"
Oops - there's ink on my finger! : }

Here is the instructions for this card by Dawn.


The wallflower said...

I like it, and I like the way you used your paper I never thought of doing that. Great job!

Kelly said...

Hiya stranger! :) I followed your link from the comment you left on my blog. I LOVE your pop up card! Very cute... and I totally cannot tell you messed up on it either! LOL! Sounds like we are having similiar issues! :)