Friday, July 11, 2008


Just a little note on the personal side. A friend of mine has been taking taekwondo for about a year. She got a pass for 10 free lessons and asked me to come. I'm in desperate need of exercise!!!! I said yes and I've been three times this week, Monday, Wednesday and today. After Wednesday, I decided that after my free lessons were up that I'd join. It's $99 a month or you can do six months for $500 if you pay up front, so this isn't cheap. Oh but this is cheaper than liposuction! My friend goes M,W,& F and she's very loyal to it so I know I will have someone there to keep me motivated. Plus the other women have been very nice. Ok, so that was Wednesday. I went this morning and OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was going to die! The other days were hard and I was so hot and sweaty but today was VERY rough!! I had to take a couple of breaks, I was shaking and I almost cried. Except for one girl who is also a white belt (what you start out as)the rest have been there at least a year. I'm so out of shape and have extra weight, I just couldn't keep up. I did do the very best I could without having to go to the hospital! : } My friend was worried about me and I thought I might not join after today. I told her if this had been my first day I don't think I would have come back. But I'm going to keep it up. I KNOW I need this. Plus both kids will be in school full time this fall so no excuses about not enough time. I'll keep you'll updated on my progress.

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chelemom said...

You go girl!!! IT will get easier as you do it longer!