Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anything BUT a Card

After a small break and some changes in our challenges The Sisterhood of Crafters is ready to start challenging you again. This time we are focusing our challenges on trying to help you accomplish things that you need to get done. We want you to create something you need and will use. For the challenge this week you are to create anything BUT a card. So if you have a LO that needs to be done or gift that needs to be made go for it. Get R done!

I made a couple of bookmarks for my son, Austin. He is in 2nd grade this year and he is starting to read for enjoyment. He needed some bookmarks and I asked if he wanted to make him some. He said yes but make them something I like. I was going to make them boyish but then he said like "Tom and Jerry". He loves that on the Cartoon Network. So I went online and found these images and just printed them out. No coloring on this at all.
If you didn't notice the book that I'm using is "Shiver". I was told about this from another Twilight fan. They said I'd like this if I like Twilight that I would like this and I did. I have since bought "Linger" and started it but then loaned it out to my sister. Hopefully I'll get it back soon and can finish it.
The next is a corner bookmark. I found this spider image and just printed it off and did color it a little. Then I just glued it on on a corner bookmark that I made.
Now check out what the other DT's did at The Sisterhood of Crafters. They made some great projects this week.


Dawn said...

Great ideas for book marks, love them.

Teri said...

Love the Tom and Jerry one hun! Spidey is cute too, LOL

TannyP said...

These are fabulous, Diane =) I hope to try making some bookmarks soon because my old one is getting pretty darn worn!

Ann English said...

Love your bookmarks and have enjoyed exploring your wonderful blog!